• Image of PASSIVE mini Cedar

Your music will be strongly and magnificently amplified without any need for electricity.

The Houd passive measures at just 4.5 " x 4.5" x 1.5 "

It is compatible with:

Apple : iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G/GS, iPhone 4/4S,iPhone 5 /5S/5C, iPhone 6/6 plus,iPhone 6S/ 6S plus

Samsung : Galaxy S2/S4/S6 - edge

An exotic hardwood full of character, Cedar heartwood
consists mostly of red to reddish brown coloring and black undertones
with occasional violets and oranges penetrating thru.

The abundance of natural resources and quality craftsmanship in Colombia were key to the design process of this product.

Each piece is organically hand-treated, hand-cut, hand-dyed and hand-packaged in Bogota, Colombia.