Customer Comments

" I'm really enjoying my passive speaker with my I-pad mini. 
  The sound is really quite amazing and I love the design. Thanks for checking in!

Jorge Plasencia, USA

"The speaker arrived today! Is in perfect condition so all good! 
Thank you very much again and I know I'm talking for Europe of how nice it is passive speaker HoudSound. 

Best regards, 
Jeanine Beck , Belgium

"I wanted to say that I am absolutely thrilled with my new passive speaker. 
 It works brilliantly and improves the sound of my iPad more than I thought possible. 

Thanks so much,
Valerie Gorman. United Kingdom

"I am very happy about it and it’s placed on my table in my office so I can use it every day
Thank you

Emanuele Consigliere, Italy

 I bought it for my daughter to celebrate her 22nd birthday. She was very surprised at the present and also surprised at the quality of your  houd speaker.
 Cool stuff

Steve Miller, USA

"I think your brand identity is very smart I have an Afrikaans background and so I clicked straight away (houd = wood) when seeing your brand for the first time - it's literally a graphic/typographic representation of your product. 
Wood and sound fused together seamlessly and beautifully, meaning the actual words as well as the physical shapes and forms of the letters and your products ( I'm a designer too so this kind of thing really lights my fire! Haha compliments to your designer!)

Sune Wiehahn, New Zealand